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9:30 – 10:15 am
Centennial Ballroom – Salon C

Ten Tips for Caregivers
Donna Benton, PhD, Co-Director of the USC Family Caregiver Support Center

DonnaTaking care of a family member who is sick or needs help is very common. What happens when family members require long term support, for months and years? As caregivers we have to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically so we can be a support for our ill family member. This discussion will focus on important tips to help you stay healthy and manage stress. In addition, everyone can try to win a prize for solving the mystery clue! Come join us for a fun and engaging talk.

The Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center, part of the USC Family Caregiver Support Center (FCSC), is committed to providing comprehensive support services for family caregivers in Los Angeles County to aid in the caregiving process. They provide personalized information, referrals, consultations and other support services to help family caregivers balance family obligations, work and self-care. Whether you are new or experienced, they are here to help you. Caregiving can drastically change your life, and it is not selfish or weak to seek support, help and information.

9:30 – 10:15 am
Centennial Ballroom – Salon D

Estate Planning or Long Term Care Planning: Which is Right for Me?
Sandra Diaz, Partner, California Elder Law Center, PC

SandraIn this session, Attorney Diaz will cover the following key factors to consider in Estate and Long Term Care Planning. Which direction is right for you? She’ll clarify terms such as “Revocable Living Trust”, “Irrevocable Trust”, and “Probate.” Ms. Diaz will provide insight on how to provide for a minor or disabled child, what happens if you are unable to care for yourself, and how to determine if you qualify for Long Term Care benefits. Another critical component she will discuss is how to protect your assets and make sure they go to children/family when you die.

Sandra Diaz, partner of the California Elder Law Center PC in Lakewood, California, is dedicated to helping seniors get the quality of care they deserve. The California Elder Law Center, PC has developed a strategy that protects seniors, starting in their homes and following them along the “continuum of care.” The strategy guides families as they move through the complex maze of long term care benefits. As an attorney, Ms. Diaz specializes in helping seniors qualify for Medi-Cal long term care benefits as well as VA long term care benefits, while ensuring the top quality care for the senior does not economically burden the family. Originally from Southern California, Ms. Diaz served six years in the United States Marine Corps. She is currently accredited by the VA and works with veterans and their families to help them qualify for VA benefits.

10:30 – 11:15 am
Centennial Ballroom – Salon C

Two Tools to Change the Body: Emotions and Imagery
Mary Thoits, former Director of Senior Studies Lifetime 
Learning Program, Long Beach City College

MaryMs. Mary Thoits has been involved in brain research, mediation and mindfulness, both at the college level and in the community. She is passionate about providing seniors with opportunities to be active during retirement. Ms. Thoits “walks the walk and talks the talk” keeping active on a daily basis.

Currently at 92, Ms. Thoits just retired as director of the Senior Studies Lifetime Learning Program at Long Beach City College. She spent her 85th birthday skydiving and her 87th birthday flying a small plane around Santa Catalina Island (she’s a pilot). Ms. Thoits believes the concept of retirement is grossly overrated and that people can retire to do something else, but not to pull back from society. Retirees need to continue to understand what is happening in the world and to be part of it.

10:30 – 11:15 am
Centennial Ballroom – Salon D

The Many Stages of Dementia, Recognizing the signs from Adult Child to Aging Parent
Lauren Spiglanin, Founder and President, Family Connect Care

LaurenLauren Spiglanin is the founder and president of Family Connect Care and holds many certificates in aging and memory care areas. In her presentation she will discuss the basics of Alzheimer’s and help define what Alzheimer’s and Dementia is. She will also discuss the impact on caregivers and provide self-care techniques and tips/strategies for behavior management. Do you know what “Sun-downing” is? Ms. Spiglanin will define, explain and identify common triggers. She is an expert having deep insight on helping a loved one age with dignity and will share her knowledge and insight.

Lauren Spiglanin founded Family Connect Care in 2008 after working with the elderly and memory-impaired for several years. She saw the need for enhanced care management services and to assure the dignity of those who suffer from a variety of cognitive impairments. Ms Spiglanin has a love for older people, whom she refers to as, “chronologically gifted.” Some have even called her the, “Dementia Whisperer,” due to her innate ability to intuitively know what her clients need, even when they can’t express it for themselves. Family Connect Care strives to enhance quality of life, encourage independence, and assure a safe and supportive living environment. For Care givers, Family Care Connect facilitates several free support groups throughout the South Bay.

11:30 am – 12:15 pm
Centennial Ballroom – Salon C

Clutternomics: Get Your Life Back — DeClutter Now for Instant Abundance!
Kathleen Ronald, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant

KathleenHow many hours do you waste looking for things? Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Do you feel you are drowning in life clutter to the point where you are drained of your energy? Does your clutter cause you stress, loss of time, money and peace of mind?

Clutter affects 19 areas of your life. The results are many and deeply transformative once you begin to get rid of the clutter. In this session, you will discover tools to eliminate the physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, body and people clutter. Get in touch with how much your life-clutter has really cost you over the years. Implement “one” easy rule and get back seven hours a week. Realize the de-clutter secrets of getting a bigger paycheck. Learn a few simple tricks to begin to get your life back NOW!

With an electrifying, comedic style all her own, Kathleen Ronald delivers empowering programs that not only motivate but also produce bottom-line results. She is a Business Growth Expert, an unparalleled networker, an internationally renowned speaker-trainer, an award-winning business consultant and poet, a contributing best-selling author and, the founder of Speaktacular! Kathleen has more than 30 years of experience providing custom, inspirational keynotes, training seminars and consultancy to Fortune 500 companies, small business, direct sales organizations, and professional associations. She has also appeared on The Doctor’s show and The Dr. Phil show!

11:30 – 12:15 pm
Centennial Ballroom – Salon D

Medicare 101 – Understanding your Medicare Plan Options
Tim O’Hagan, Team Alvarez Insurance Services, Sponsored by HealthCare Partners Medical Group

TimMedicare options can be confusing for those approaching 65. Mr. O’Hagan will help to answer and clarify questions and concerns about when you are eligible, what are parts A, B, C and D, advantages and disadvantages, and guidelines for signing up. Being educated on all available options will help you make the best choice.

Tim O’Hagan is a Licensed Health Insurance Agent, with an emphasis on Medicare Health Insurance options. He has literally helped thousands of people choose and understand their Medicare choices. Throughout his career, his positive and informative approached has captured his colleagues and clients respect. Mr. O’Hagan places his clients’ needs above everything else. He has been a Field Agent for over eight years and has held several Management positions within the insurance industry, including, Agency Compliance Officer and both Sales and Training Manager.

12:30 – 1:15 pm
Centennial Ballroom – Salon C

George Burns – Back by Popular Demand. New Songs, New Jokes, New Stories…Same Old George!
Duffy Hudson, Actor/Master Impressionist

DuffyTo know George Burns is to love George Burns. The cigar, the glasses, the wit and the kind grandfather-like image he projected in his later years all found a way into our hearts. Many of us grew up with George as another member of the family. “George” will perform a new musical comedy show during this session.

Duffy Hudson is an actor, director, writer, teacher and filmmaker. He has performed in hundreds of plays, some on Broadway and has directed over 300 theatrical pieces. Duffy is the author of several scripts. He is also the author of the children’s book, “The Boy Who Came From Heaven” as well as several one man shows. Currently he is co-owner of Cincinnatus Motion Picture, a film company that to date has produced commercials, industrial long forms and the feature film. www.duffyhudson.com

12:30 – 1:15 pm
Centennial Ballroom – Salon D

Signs and Symptoms of Neglect in a Nursing Home & Choosing a Nursing Home
James M. Morgan, Partner, Lanzone Morgan, LLP

JamesJames Morgan is an expert in the field of elder abuse and neglect. In his session he will identify and discuss the signs and symptoms that someone is being neglected in a nursing home. What should you be looking for, what are the common types of abuse and neglect that are associated with nursing home abuse, and what can you do about it?

James M. Morgan is a founding partner of Lanzone Morgan, LLP. His practice is primarily dedicated to representing injured people and their families who have suffered injuries or death due to elder abuse and neglect, especially at the hands of nursing homes or other care custodians. Mr. Morgan does NOT represent large corporations or insurance companies. Prior to forming Lanzone Morgan, LLP, Mr. Morgan served as the managing attorney of two personal injury law firms in California, where the focus of his practice was holding nursing homes and hospitals accountable for the abuse and neglect of elder and dependent adults. Over the course of his career, Mr. Morgan’s efforts have helped lead to more than $60 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of abused and neglected elderly adults.

1:30 – 2:15 pm
Centennial Ballroom – Salon C

What’s New in Total Joint Replacement?
Andrew Wassef. M.D., Medical Director, MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial

AndrewAndrew Wassef, M.D., board-certified orthopedic surgeon, will discuss the recent advances in hip and knee arthroplasty, most notable the MAKOplasty ® surgeon-controlled robotic arm system.

Dr. Andrew Wassef is a Board Certified Joint Replacement Specialist who is fellowship trained in hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery. He received his medical degree from Howard University and did his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Toledo in Ohio. Dr. Wassef has a special interest in revision surgery and completed his fellowship in Los Angeles at the Joint Replacement Institute where he was thoroughly trained on complex reconstructions and revision of failed total joint replacements.

1:30 – 2:15 pm
Centennial Ballroom – Salon D

Alzheimer’s: What If There Was a Solution?
Susan Sklar, MD, Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine

SusanIn her session, Dr. Sklar will discuss a new definition and understanding of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and cognitive decline. She will also bring her insight into the multiple, reversible causes of Alzheimer’s, and the role of hormones, lifestyle, and supplements in reversing Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Sklar, a leader in anti-aging and functional medicine, brings her expertise to the field of dementia. By understanding, evaluating and treating the known multiple causes of dementia, she is able to help her patients regain their memories, minds and lives by reversing this devastating process. She is a certified practitioner of the Bredesen protocol for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline and sees patients at the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine in Long Beach, California.